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Be who. You are. Inspiring Who and the Other You Too is the revealing esoteric (inner, real meaning) interpretations behind the exoteric (outer, external symbol) study of the 5 words Be, Who, You, Are and Period. The hidden, real definitions and numerology meaning of these much used but not completely understood words until now, have the potential power to raise your consciousness in preparation for releasing the most abundant Who of the You Are there is to Be, Period. With a blending of poetry, lyrical prose, corresponding numbers, colors, planets, tones, unveiled affirmations, and declarations, join me as your guide through the 5 keys unlocking that Who to generate, elevate, go and flow Your greatest potential power, period! 


PonderThis! Feed The Soul, is the first of five books in a journal series of my social media post. Some of the passages refer to a video that you can listen too, to understand the depth of the post. 

All video references can be found on www.ponderthisone.com.

RaiVision is an Urban Zen author, poet, speaker, ponderer, and producer. I also confess that I Am a vessel and advocate for Love. 

PonderThis! is a movement for the individual Spirit, Soul, and mind that is ready to dig deeper into questioning life and Love. An opportunity for an inner look at ourselves as we move forward in our lives.

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This is the first book in a series of PonderThis! What is Love? Titles. A series that will continue to explore love. This book asks a series of questions, from cultural stereotypes to societal influences centered on love. How have we been shaped to love, to receive love and to find love? How has our journey in life influenced our ability to love? In his first book, RaiVision offers pondering thoughts that question who we are, when it comes to being love.

PonderThis! is a Love-lifestyle brand movement. Our mission is to generate Love via the Spirit and Soul and to inspire acts of Love that will help to uplift the emotional state of mankind.


The Secret Science of Numerology: The Hidden Meaning In Numbers and Letters Shirley Blackwell Lawrence

The Secret Science of Numerology is unlike any other book on numerology, because it explains why numerology works. It reveals the science behind this ancient mystical art. And, the book introduces the Inner Guidance Number, a powerful tool for accessing our inner knowing. The Secret Science of Numerology is the first book to present a thorough explanation of the numbers and letters, starting with their origins-the how and why of their design, and exploring their nature in names and in language.

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Rev. Ike's Secret For Health, Joy and Prosperity. A Science of Living Study Guide - For YOU!