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We help women Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Empty Nesters to en-joy discovering their blissful, true You through coaching healthy lifestyle awareness, wealth creation education, spiritual-mental ivolution, and how to have experiential adventures that enrich their souls.

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Mecshell Maria Wright
Founder & C.E.O.
Guru Momma Gotcha Back
Life Creation Coaching

Guru Momma Gotcha Back came about from a combination of phrases I would say to my children and what they would call me when I gave them advice. My daughter would sometimes call me "Guru Momma" when I gave her advice about life and things. After telling my son what he could do about some situations he was dealing with, he would thank me for the advice and I would say, "It's going to be okay, Momma Gotcha Back". About a year ago I sat down to figure out how to handle all the different businesses I had joined to help my massage clients, friends, family and myself with physical, mental, spiritual, and even financial issues over the years. 


My gift of helping and giving has always been with me for as long as I can remember. Being a massage therapist for almost 30 years was an outlet for expressing those gifts. But after developing nerve damage in my feet, I had to retire my massage license. Now that my youngest child is grown and away from home, I found myself experiencing what I thought I would not feel, Empty Nest Syndrome. Looking for another way to help people and myself (income) after thinking about how I could utilize the resources and knowledge I already had, I realized I could brand myself to fit my gifts. 


After thinking about what to call my business that would put all my businesses under one umbrella company, Guru Momma Gotcha Back came immediately to my mind. After retiring my massage license and my children leaving home, it felt like I was creating another life after being a life giver and care giver, Life Creation Coach floated in front of my eyes like it did when I saw the title of my book. That is what I bring to you through this website; my gift, my calling and purpose as Guru Momma Gotcha Back Life Creation Coach. Thank you for coming and supporting it's mission of helping and giving. 

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Mecshell Maria Wright, 

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Physical Therapist Assistant's Helper

Certified Nurse's Assistant

Certified Reiki Master

Certified Aromatherapist 

Licensed Massage Therapist

Ordained Minister

Certified Counselor

Licensed Life Insurance, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection, Auto Insurance, I.D. Theft and Home Security Protection Agent

Certified Travel Agent/Owner

Promotion/Marketing Agent/Owner

Multi-Level Business Investor/Owner


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